Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not a kind of ice cream

This is Stella. She's not a labradoodle or an overgrown terrier. She's an Italian Spinone, sister to Aggie, and an all around good pup.

Leslie and Matt decided they wanted this breed of dog when they heard that there were NO incidences of dog biting a child with this breed. With two kids, and boof them working very intense jobs, and having very active lives, they wanted a dog with a good track record that could be counted on. (Even as a lover of rescues, this is one argument I understand, especially if you aren't going to devote your entire life to the dog.)

Stella's the only Italian Spinone I've known (although I did see a guy at Greenlake with one), but she's gentle, patient, and good natured.

I used to think that Aggie, a Hungarian Visla, was smarter, but they just have different brains. Aggie learns commands quicker, but will forget them if not reminded. Stella learns slower but once she knows, she never forgets.

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