Monday, April 13, 2009

Cici in sunlight

Spring, 2008
This is Cici, whose life was cut tragically short.
Cici was rescued by a local rescue out of a bad situation. She was just getting acclimated to the good life, when she had her spay appointment, where it was found out that she had a heart issue.
The vet who did the spay surgery was not equipped to do a heart surgery so Cici was transferred to another hospital (EWU, I think) where she underwent another surgery. Sadly, she did not make it through.
Throughout this, there was a bright spot -- people cared. Cared enough to send donations for the surgery, cared enough to ask for status. Cared enough to remember her short life.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jackson Action

April, 2007
This is another painting that I can't believe how old it is -- almost two years old. I painted it as a surprise for a friend who LOVES her Golden Retriever.
This is one of two I've done with the personalized border. It really works on bigger paintings and makes the painting even more fun.
Jackson up until just recently went everywhere with his mama. He lay on the floor at the office where she worked. He commuted on the bus, he did drinks at downtown bars, he went Christmas shopping. His mother just had TWINS so we'll see how his life changes. Hopefully, he just has two more people in his life to love him and to love.
Such a good boy!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Smell the tulips

It's hard to believe that this painting is nearly a year old. I did this last year when I was thinking about the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
I was contemplating entering an art showing about spring. I painted a puppy for the same show. I'll show that soon.
Spring, and a grrls's thoughts turn to pups and flowers.

The winning painting

This painting needs a name!

This brown tabby was painted because I offered a commission to Purrfect Pal's auction.

This is Theodore, or Teddy or Teddy bear. In my opinion, he looks too dignified to be a Teddy Bear, but I am sure I have pictures of my cat, Graham, when he looks dignified, but I call him Graham Cracker. How dignified is that? Then there's Horace, who is a very dignified pointy eared black cat. I sing love songs him to the tune of "Comet, it makes your teeth turn green..." The ending lines are always Let's sing a chorus to Horace today...

But this little digression tells you nothing about the painting. I painted Theodore because his mama had the winning bid for a commissioned painting in the Purrfect Pals auction at the Black Cat Ball.

Now that I've talked about the painting, it may be "Winning Bid" or 'Kim's winning bid" or something. Still would like ideas!

The painting took longer than expected because brown tabbies have so many different colors in them. Then, I had a few minor health issues, nothing major, but enough that I wanted to relax on evenings and weekends rather than paint. Also, I've had deadlines from work, which also make it so I am less productive on the weekend.

I've got to put the hanger on and then he's ready to be delivered.