Friday, August 31, 2007

Gracie on Green

"Gracie on Green," 2006

This is the second painting that I did for the Feral Cat Project fundraiser.

My friend Barb bought it, thereby making a donation to the Feral Cat Project. It's a great cause.

On opening night, a couple asked me (I was being cashier) if I knew who did this painting. Out of all the art hanging, they liked this the best and it was already sold! Did I do commissions? Yes, I said, giving them a card. But I never heard from them!

Soon, soon!

Eddie in Red

Eddie in Red, 2005

This is Tina's cat, Eddie. He is actually a bit more hefty than he looks in this picture. He's been on a diet so I'm sure he is looking more svelte now.
I decided that all that grass was too distracting. I also thought that the background got a little too dark.

To view the other picture of Eddie, click the Eddie metadata tag.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Blue," 2006

My friend Barbara scanned a number of my first acrylic paintings for me.

I have had the wonderful support and encouragement of many friends: Barbara, who contributed digital pictures of her and her partner's animals and scanned the results; Tina, who has always been supportive and enthusiastic about my writing and drawing; Rick, my husband (boy, that sounds weird), who tells me I have an artist's eye and has paid for all my art supplies -- and classes -- for the past few years, and many more....

This painting was one of two painting created for a fundraiser for the Feral Cat Project. Alas, it didn't sell and I've since changed it a bit, darkening the blues and adding more color.

I mention Tina above because she contributed the digital photo of her neighbor's cat.


"Beast," 2005

This was painted in 2005 as part of my acrylics class. This is acrylics and uses some high gloss medium.

It was scanned at 150 dpi.

Barbara and Jane contributed the digital picture of Jane's horse that I used as source material.