Thursday, December 10, 2009

A raffle for Eros

A while back, Grisha from Ahimsa Dog Training, was trying to raise $$$ for a friend whose dog needed surgery. Having been there myself with Penny needing 2 TPLO surgeries, I donated a 6x6 dog painting. The dog that I was painting was so cute. I did an 8x8 painting.

Meet Taran, a 13-month old welsh springer spaniel cared for by Lindsey Hein, a dog trainer in Florida. He's mischievous and very goofy........ Can you tell?


Lindsey Hein KPACTP said...

You did such a great job capturing my pup's personality. I love the attention to detail, like how you even painted his little "mustache". Thanks again for painting Taran! :)

Juls said...

Taran, My "Grand-Dog Baby"!!

What an absolutely adorable painting of Taran! You captured his rasweet, goofy, adorable soul!

Great job!
Julie (Lindsey's Mom)

Seanna said...

Thanks you guys. He was a pleasure to paint.

Julie, Oliver is a very cute pup, too!

Juls said...

Thanks, Seanna!

I would LOVE to get a painting done of my little Oliver.
Do you paint by a photograph that's given to you?
How much do you charge, and would you be interested in painting a portrait of Ollie?
If so, you can get my email from Lindsey. :-)

Julie and Oliver

Seanna said...

Hi Julie,
I would love to paint Oliver.

I did ask Lindsey for your contact info. You can also email me at seannaj at gmail dot com.

When I get your email. I'll send you a price list. I paint from your photos. I like to have two or three to look at.

Talk with you soon!