Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cooper, looking up

My dog (whose painting is almost done) is a pitbull mix.  We have joined Seattle Walkabulls, where we have met lots of responsible and fun walkers, square-headed and human.  We have walked with Lillian, who is the trainer at Northwest Boxer Rescue. She asked me whether I wouold be willing to show at their fundraiser, but I was busy that day. But, she offered to display some of my work and postcards there anyway. 

Since I haven't painted any boxers, I asked for pictures that I could use. I got lots of great shots, but I decided to paint Cooper.  And, this was one of the easiest subjects to paint.  I think it was because Lililian gave me 200 dpi pnotos, which give me enough detail to work with.  Plus, Cooper is so expressive and photogenic. 

I used this painting in my new postcards that should arrive this week and in an ad by the Puget Sound Pet Business Owners. I will order cards based on this painting, too, and they will be available in my Etsy shop within the week.