Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sweetest cat?
On the picture I was given, her ears were flatter and she looked almost mean.
Leah Jackson, a dog portrait painter I truly admire, says she doesn't do cats cuz she makes them look mean, and no one wants a mean picture. Up until this painting, I had no idea what she was talking about.
My most vocal critic (and supporter, too) says now she doesn't look mean, just intense.
I think she looks a little sweet.............
We'll see what the woman who commissioned this says.


Tina said...

I'd say she looks focused on whatever she's looking at. And I love love love the eyes.

mimi said...

i agree with Tina, she looks like she's listening, focused. you did a great job on this kitty's fur, whiskers.. eyes!!

Seanna said...

You are too kind. I'll post the slightly changed one this weekend. Trying to decide whether to post it in it's own blog post or as an addition to this one.