Ordering a custom pet portrait

Want to order a custom painting of your animal friend?  Here is the process:  
  1. Decide what size of picture you want by looking at your pet(s) and your walls and by referring to the price list. 
  2. Select two or three photos of your animal friend. At least one picture must be a clear face shot, even if you want more than just a face pictured. If you don’t have a picture to use and are local, I'd be happy to come out for a photo visit for a nominal cost. Call me at 206 601 6278 to discuss.
  3. Email or call me at 206 601 6278 to discuss your portrait.  Include the canvas size, the name of your friend, and a short description. Do you want this for a particular celebration? Tell me! What makes your pet special?  Tell me! 
  4. I'll send an email back to you telling you when I can start your portrait.  I usually have a waiting list but try to accommodate birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. 
  5. After we've communicated,  I'll invoice you through PayPal for 50% of the cost of the painting. If you'd rather pay by check, email me and we can talk further.
  6. My process begins with sketching your friend.  If you wish, I'll send you a scan of the drawing that I'll use to paint your custom portrait. You then have an opportunity to tell me it's okay and identify types of colors you'd like as background. 
  7. When the painting is finished, I'll email you, attaching the scan of the finished painting when the portrait is finished. If you are happy with the portrait, let me know and I will invoice you for the remaining 50%, plus a shipping/handling fee if applicable.
  8. If you are within 15 miles of Seattle City limits, I can deliver the portrait if you wish. If you are further away, or would prefer the portrait to be mailed to you, let me know. The shipping and handling fee is listed  on the price list.  
  9. Once I have received the balance, I will deliver or send the painting, usually UPS, to your address. I'll email you on the day that it is sent to let you know that the painting is in the mail.
All paintings are copyright protected by Seanna Jordan.