Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Chosen

See previous post. This is the painting that the customer chose after seeing two paintings I did of one of her mother's cats. Very aristocratic kitty, but doesn't necessarily look like the sweetest girl ever. (And I see I need to clean my scanner.) It was fun painting the tag, too. Part of me wanted to get some silver foil to put on the collar, but I refrained. This is Emily. My friend Diane's mother's cat. Diane owns KittyStar Services. If you live in north Seattle and need a cat sitter, I highly recommend her. She is ultra reliable, resourceful, and great with the kitties.

Emily on square canvas

Every so often, I create two paintings of one commission. Sometimes I want to experiment with the color. Sometimes I want to experiment with size. Sometimes, I just want to. It usually takes me as much time to paint two as to paint one, even when I'm playing with color. Something about concentrating on the paintings and feeling the way the face is structured makes it quick. I created two paintings of this cat, Emily. This cat has a sweet expression, but I should have made it a little smaller because the cat is actually one of those longer faced, aristocratic looing cats. It needed either a bigger painting or a smaller rendition on the canvas. I like her eyes and her collar. And her slightly undefined features. Compare this one to the one I post next and let me know which one you like.