About me

I dream of becoming a full-time artist, painting all sorts of animals and illustrating and writing children books.

But today, I make my living doing a combination of dog walking/cat sitting, painting, and writing.  And, it's a lovely life.  I am so very grateful that I am able to live this life and I appreciate the support that I've received.

I reside in a tiny 1908 house in Seattle's beautiful Rainier Valley, surrounded by six beautiful cats (Cassie, Albro, Willow, Olive, Maurie and Francis) and one 98-pound rhodesian ridgeback/bully mix. Penny the dog has her own blog and Facebook fan page.  The cats' remarks go unpublished. 

I am always interested in others' thoughts about living a sane, heart-felt artist's life. And, I am always seeking work, either as a visual artist or as a writer. Of course, if you have ideas about which dog and cat shows I should shlep my artist's booth to, or would love to show my work in your coffee house, tea house, pet store or art gallery, let me know. 

Feel free to email me or join my Facebook fan page

Thanks for being interested.