Friday, August 27, 2010

Another pittie

Waiting for you

This reminds me of a friend's pibble although the coloring is wrong. But the patient, almost put upon look is identical. Yes, we'll do that but only because you want to.

For some reason I was really liking the pibble's with the blaze between the eyes to the nose.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

5th annual Renton Art Walk

If you want to do something this weekend that involves strolling about a historic and walkable shopping district, looking at antiques and one of a kind artwork, and listening to music, consider checking out the Arts Unlimited Downtown Renton 5th Annual Art & Antique Walk, Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Animal Friends Portraits will be one of over 100 artists showing their best photography, paintings, pottery, jewelry, fabric art, sculptures, glass works, wood works and much more. There will be martial arts and robotics demonstrations, and music performances at multiple locations.

We're in front of a great little bookstore and right next to the talented watercolorist Madelaine Torchia so stop on by and say hello. Fun begins at 11 and lasts until 6. We'll be at Old Renton Book Exchange on 227 Wells Ave. S.,in Renton.

Information and maps to artists' locations will be at the corner of S 3rd and Burnett Ave S or online. Call 206-407-8719 for more information.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Anne

A year ago, I heard that a woman whose life was devoted to the rescue of square headed dogs had died in a death that could have been prevented. She was all gruff exterior hiding a very tender and loving heart.
She frightened me a bit because I could never tell how she'd react to me. But, I respected her and her dedication and her love for four legged beings.
I fostered Penny through her organization. And she's the one who made me realize that I'd never find a permanent family quite good enough for my Penny because Penny was supposed to be with me.
When she died, I had the time to help out getting food for the funeral. And at the funeral, I took time to be with her dog. I really knew no one and so it was a pleasure to hang out with this lovely gentle being.
So, when I was looking for pictures to base a painting that I was going to do for Bullseye Rescue Pitbulls on Parade, and ran across a picture of him, I decided I was going to paint him. I wanted a looser style than some of my other paintings and the goofy expression seemed like a great subject.