Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ghost Cat

Not an angel, June 2008

This cat is a precursor to a commission where I have been asked to paint a nearly white cat on a white background. I thought I needed to practice a bit before doing the commission.

If I get this back, I'll make a few changes. If not, well it's done!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Michi II

I've never said I was a realistic painter, so it's not surprising that two different portraits of the same cat came out so differently. I really wasn't happy with the first portrait, Life too short. Perhaps knowing that there wasn't a happy ending for Michi clouded my inspiration. There's a darkness to it I didn't like.

So I called on my muse again and asked for joy and the serenity that Michi didn't have at this life and this is what happened.

Life too short

Also known as Michi Departed
May, 2008

I don't know how Michi came into King County Animal Control, but I do know her life ended there, despite tries to get her adopted.

She was sent to PetSmart to be shown. She started getting really upset about being in a cage...grumbling, hissing, irritable... so that didn't work out.

So, she went to a private home to be fostered for a bit. She didn't get along with the foster's cats. Then she bit the foster mom. So, she came back to the Kent shelter. She was even more unhappy there, back in a cage.

Last straw came when she bit an officer, so she was put down. Some cats do not do well in shelters.

I've painted two portraits of her. This is a little dark so I did a little lighter one. 100% of the proceeds from this painting will go to the Feral Cat Project if it's sold at the Laura Frost Gallery show.

Monday, July 07, 2008

"What are you looking at? "

June, 2008

This painting also will be one of the paintings at the Feral Cat Project benefit on July 12.

It started off as a painting of my friend, Kris's, cat, Binky. However, Binky has a black swash across her nose and I didn't want to ruin this very nice nose.

This painting is a bit larger than what Kris wants anyway. Her other paintings (Simon and Maxey) are about 6x6. She'd like it to match. This is, I think, 8x10. So, it's for sale.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blue, Too

"Blue, Too" or "
Blue, Two"
July, 2008

I've been painting lots even though I have nothing posted to show for it. I have 5 pieces that are going to be at the Feral Cat Project benefit this coming Saturday.

I've been working on another two besides the ones slated for this show, so I thought I was in good shape. No rush. But, I ended up needing another day to scan and put the final touches on the items needing to be dropped off today. So, Rick scanned the five items for me so I could concentrate on painting.

This particular painting showed in 2006 at the same benefit. It didn't sell then, so I played a bit more with the colors. It will be the cheapest item that I painted at the show and hopefully it will move out of my closet and into someone else's house. All proceeds from this sale go to the Feral Cat Project.