Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Emma 2

So, my friend, Tina, has been incredibly supportive of my art from the beginning. One of my first sales, Gracie, is of her cat. The sale was not to Tina, though.

I also painted Eddie, her big black and white boy, on paper. I scanned it twice because I didn't like the background.

So, when I painted her cat Emma, in 4x4, a size that's not cost effective to do regularly, but which I do for the Feral Cat Project as a donation, she offered to buy it. Well, it sold again to someone else and I said I would paint it again.

Here it is. And, like the saying says, practice makes perfect. She still looks like Princess Crankypants, one of Tina's endearments for her, but the colors are a bit better. When you click the tag Emma, you can see both to compare.

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Tina said...

thank you so much for giving me this gift. I miss my Emma so much sometimes that it's hard to believe she was only part of our lives for a few years. I guess because I work at home and watched her so close in her last year that there are holes in my day that used to be filled by her. You've given me a precious gift to remember my girlie. Love you.