Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rowdy and Oreo

"B&Wx2" also known as "Rowdy and Oreo", December, 2007

These two lovely seniors were commissioned by my friend and former collegue, Molly, who plans to give this painting as a Christmas present for her friend and handyman, Ray. These are Ray's cats. Rowdy is a bit shy and Oreo is a big thinker.

I could not get Oreo's eyes right for the longest time.

I love the green smudge on Oreo's fur.

I found out this week that I am having an exhibit in Tacoma at the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in September/October. My friend Barb told me that the vet had posted at the Artist's Trust web site. Turns out that the Met Vet contact, Julia, is a great photographer.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another pulled from the archives

"Mr. Mole," Autumn 2006

This is a black and white that I did for the Art for the Children's Market class that I took.

I am still working on the two commissions for Molly Dee and baking for the bake sale to benefit my dog, so even though I haven't posted anything, I've been busy.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


"Snowbird," December 2007

This is the second of hopefully three designs for a card exchange. They will also be on sale at the bake sale to benefit my dog.

I think it's a little too dark, but I'm not going to tweak it anymore. I'd make a few changes now that I've haven't looked at it for a couple of days. I wouldn't outline the sign and I'd make the light source more obvious.

Oh come all ye felines

"O Come All Ye Felines," December, 2007
Obvious title. This is one of hopefully three designs that I created as Christmas cards this year. I've actually spent this evening scoring and folding the cards.

I've never done cards before, except for little hand made cards for Mr. Rick. But, my critique group, the folks who took the 3-quarter "Art for the Children's Market" last year, is having a holiday card exchange and I thought I'd participate.

I will also sell these at the bake sale I am holding to raise money for my dog's knee surgeries. I am thinking $2.50 for each card, although Rick says I should ask for $3. He's right -- I've put lots of time into the designs, I've had to print them, and buy envelopes for them.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Eddie, again

"Eddie in Red," 2005
Where has the time gone? I can't believe that it's been more than two years since I started painting.
I do think I've learned lots in the past couple of years and I hope to continue to learn more.
You might recall that Eddie is posted in an earlier entry. But I wasn't done then. I thought the grass was too distracting. I painted over it and also reddened the background a bit more.

Rusty at the park

"Rusty at the park," November, 2007

Well, lookee here. A new freshly finished painting. It might not even be all the way done, but I am happy with it right now. Give me 24 hours....

This is Rusty, my friend Heather's brother's working dog. Her brother, David, works for WA State Patrol and Rusty here is a bomb sniffer. As a working dog, he concentrates on his job most of the time, but here he's enjoying some time at the park.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My family

The Family, August 2007
I used my watercolor pencils quite a bit this summer. Here is one of the things I finished -- my family. Actually, there are a few more cats if you want to count all of the cats that both of us take care of. And the 88 lbs of love is not quite that small.
Most people agree that I captured Rick pretty well. Me, they're not too sure of. And I can recognize Willow, Graham, Olive, and Cassie... Maybe I'll try another with all the cats some time!

Pen and Ink Wolf

Well, this is neither an illustration nor a pet portrait, but it's been a while since I posted anything new and I haven't scanned anything new. So, delving into what I do have scanned, I found this.

The pen is just a uniball fine point. Notice how messy I am. Basically, I am a scribbler. More soon!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mona's Mister

"Mona's Mister," 2007

My friend Mona dotes on Mister. When I gave her the portrait, she said, "Oh Woods, this is the best present ever."

She moved to Spokane this summer. She still has friends from high school there.

I wish her well.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fatsy Maxey

"Fatsy Maxey," 2007

This is the second portrait that I just finished of Kris' cats.

I think I am getting better at painting black and white tuxedo cats.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Shy, Shy Simon

"Shy, Shy Simon," 2007

This is one of two portraits done for Kris Tsujikawa. I promised her one of Maxey last year and I planned to do one of Binky this year.

Kris has three lovely tuxedo cats. She sends digital images of them that she shoots with her Nikon D-40. Yes, I am jealous of that camera, especially since my little digital Nikon was stolen when my house was broken into last month. Or was it the month before? Time flies by.

I thought that the photograph that she sent that is this painting's source was Binky. But when I gave her this portrait, it was obviously of Simon.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Gracie on Green

"Gracie on Green," 2006

This is the second painting that I did for the Feral Cat Project fundraiser.

My friend Barb bought it, thereby making a donation to the Feral Cat Project. It's a great cause.

On opening night, a couple asked me (I was being cashier) if I knew who did this painting. Out of all the art hanging, they liked this the best and it was already sold! Did I do commissions? Yes, I said, giving them a card. But I never heard from them!

Soon, soon!

Eddie in Red

Eddie in Red, 2005

This is Tina's cat, Eddie. He is actually a bit more hefty than he looks in this picture. He's been on a diet so I'm sure he is looking more svelte now.
I decided that all that grass was too distracting. I also thought that the background got a little too dark.

To view the other picture of Eddie, click the Eddie metadata tag.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Blue," 2006

My friend Barbara scanned a number of my first acrylic paintings for me.

I have had the wonderful support and encouragement of many friends: Barbara, who contributed digital pictures of her and her partner's animals and scanned the results; Tina, who has always been supportive and enthusiastic about my writing and drawing; Rick, my husband (boy, that sounds weird), who tells me I have an artist's eye and has paid for all my art supplies -- and classes -- for the past few years, and many more....

This painting was one of two painting created for a fundraiser for the Feral Cat Project. Alas, it didn't sell and I've since changed it a bit, darkening the blues and adding more color.

I mention Tina above because she contributed the digital photo of her neighbor's cat.


"Beast," 2005

This was painted in 2005 as part of my acrylics class. This is acrylics and uses some high gloss medium.

It was scanned at 150 dpi.

Barbara and Jane contributed the digital picture of Jane's horse that I used as source material.