Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Plato revealed

He's missing whiskers -- I was wondering whether I should change his background to yellow or orange or purple instead of blue....... but otherthan that, he's done!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Life of Keegan

I've been working for a long while now, on and off, on six commissions for a woman VERY active in rescue.
I love to paint personalities of cats and dogs, so I am happy to paint the two cats and two dogs. But, she's given me the opportunity to paint goats and horses too!
It's been so fun, especially to paint the goats, because their eyes, with a square pupil, make them look alien, so it's been challenging to make them friendly and cute, too.
I was even more inspired to paint them after seeing my friends Michael and Lorrainna's goats. Their girls are full of personality and very eager to get attention -- especially if you have a treat in your hands. In addition to their weird eyes, their cloven feet are weird too. Not quite a hoof, not quite fingers, they add to the alienness of the species.