Sunday, February 06, 2011


Remember when I said that a friend of mine's mom helped me bake for a fundraiser I was having? And that I would paint her cats? The first one I finished was Buck, and you heard about what a character he was.

I don't know much about Kali, except she is sweet and shy. I think she wants to trust you, but. may never quite do so.

Kali's mom's son in law named Kali for the Hindu god of destruction, or that was his interpretation of the goddess. But, my quick research shows that that is a superficial interpretation. She is the goddess of energy and change and has many guises.

Perhaps this Kali is really named Bhadra Kali, who is gentle. Bhadra in Sanskrit means blessed, auspicious; fair, beautiful; good; fortunate, prosperous. She is indeed fortunate to have landed in Fern's household!