Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When I'm not doing pet portraits......

I am usually wasting time. I really have been working to be more structured with my time and having set hours in the studio.
But this past week, I was not wasting time - or maybe I was. Instead, I was creating rough sketches of ideas that could be used on a public art project.
My friend Barb had told me about the opportunity months ago... She reminded me again on Thursday. Said all they wanted was a letter. So in my copious spare time -- actually while I was avoiding doing other things -- I wrote the letter of intent and worked on a resume.
Then she offered to help, so over the weekend, we worked on a proposal. I did three quick sketches on copy of paper and scanned them.
Here is my favorite -- and Barb's least favorite. If I ever use this, I will change the composition.......... but, like I said, it's a concept sketch more than anything else.


mimi said...

I like this a lot too. A wonderful fun composition. Although I like the crows too

Seanna said...

I am so glad that you like the composition. I actually think that the rug detracts from the door, so I'll probably take that out and show the top of the door.