Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I have been talking a lot about my travails in painting. I've been making excuses about not good enough photos, not having enough time, being undisciplined.

Yesterday, after a particular trying coaching session, I went to Daniel Smith and did some retail therapy. I got a tube of Indian Red (look at the nose) and yellow ochre. Then, I dropped my dog off at Ideal Pet Stop and painted.

I went to get my dog a couple of hours later and came back into my studio and painted.

Around 11, I got a beer and banana, literally and figuratively stepping back from the canvas. I saw something very similar to this. I put a little highlights here and there, but other than that, I was done.

I am happy. We'll see if the client is happy.


Tina said...

I want to kiss that nose.

mimi said...

but if this is the same dog (as is depicted in the dog or fox post below) this is MUCH beter. I like the highlights and the expression much better.

Seanna said...

There are three paintings of the same dog. It's quite amazing. I was working with old photos that had been scanned in at very small resolution and didn't have much detail... This one, the one below, and