Monday, March 15, 2010

Roxanne -- 90 percent

Can you tell that this pup is smiling?
I went through a couple of months of self-doubt when my beloved told me that I was painting mean looking animals in this picture, Minnie, and one other.
It's all the worse because these three paintings are of deceased animals and I can't ask for more pictures.
Well, I did for Roxanne. I initially painted her looking at the camera in a front shot. But for some reason, that pose made her look more like a chihuaha than a pitbull.
I am working with very limited resolution pictures, too, for some reason. It is the first commision I've gotten where the picture quality had an impact on the painting quality.
I will have to scan this again, cuz I painted over the green stripe on her face.


mimiq said...

can we see the other two "mean" paintings too? I love the colors in this one. it looks to me like this pup is on the end of its leash trying to get petted.

Karen said...

From a distance (looking the thumbnail), I thought she looked upset. But when I enlarged it - and viewed it here on your blogg, I could see her eyes much more clearly and her expression doesn't look mean, angry, or bothered in the least. It is as if you captured her in the midst of play! So yes, I'd say she was smiling. I love the nose treatment and her teeth and of course her eyes. You have a good palate choice all the way around!

Seanna said...

The picture was originally of her playing with a stick. I took some liberty to make the stick disappear and let her look playful all by herself.

I will be scanning the first portrait I did of her, too. THe one that makes her look like a chihuaha.

And the buyer thinks she looks like a chihuaha in this one too, so I will be changing it or something!