Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crusher, revisited

You may remember the portrait I did around Christmas of Crusher, the mini poodle. Well, he was ordered by a lovely man whose wife is the house color authority :). (I can relate as I am as well.) Because all my commissions come with a "I'll work on it until you like it" philosophy, I received the portrait back to change the color of the background and to lengthen the ears.

 I received other reference photos and chose one where Crusher had more of a direct stare rather than looking up. (The looking up is what led me to paint the ears shorter.) I changed the background color to a green-brown-grayish background. 

I am now waiting for approval. I have no problems posting it again, with another background color if it helps them to love the painting. 

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Deb said...

Hi Seanna!! How sweet your pet portraits are! I found you thru KRR's Possibilitarian Tribe post. I've put together a rough contact list of other tribe members. If you'd like a copy, email me at Sending hugs!! Deb