Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh come all ye felines

"O Come All Ye Felines," December, 2007
Obvious title. This is one of hopefully three designs that I created as Christmas cards this year. I've actually spent this evening scoring and folding the cards.

I've never done cards before, except for little hand made cards for Mr. Rick. But, my critique group, the folks who took the 3-quarter "Art for the Children's Market" last year, is having a holiday card exchange and I thought I'd participate.

I will also sell these at the bake sale I am holding to raise money for my dog's knee surgeries. I am thinking $2.50 for each card, although Rick says I should ask for $3. He's right -- I've put lots of time into the designs, I've had to print them, and buy envelopes for them.

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