Thursday, September 06, 2012

For Jillian

Jillian bid on a custom pet portrait offered at a Purrfect Pals fundraiser where she was a lab tech.  She wrote me a heartfelt letter about her cat, who had been an indoor/outdoor cat who had caught FIV, and then died, years later.
This cat was hard for me to finish because I wanted to capture the torn ears, the inside/outside life, and of course his personality. 
One of my cats was dying too while I was painting this and Jillian's story hit home. 
Indoor/outdoor cats don't live as long as indoor cats and are more succeptable to illnesses. 

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MimiTabby said...

He looks rather stately, the eyes are great!

wah, those letters are SO HARD TO READ ("please prove you are not a robot")