Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Anne

A year ago, I heard that a woman whose life was devoted to the rescue of square headed dogs had died in a death that could have been prevented. She was all gruff exterior hiding a very tender and loving heart.
She frightened me a bit because I could never tell how she'd react to me. But, I respected her and her dedication and her love for four legged beings.
I fostered Penny through her organization. And she's the one who made me realize that I'd never find a permanent family quite good enough for my Penny because Penny was supposed to be with me.
When she died, I had the time to help out getting food for the funeral. And at the funeral, I took time to be with her dog. I really knew no one and so it was a pleasure to hang out with this lovely gentle being.
So, when I was looking for pictures to base a painting that I was going to do for Bullseye Rescue Pitbulls on Parade, and ran across a picture of him, I decided I was going to paint him. I wanted a looser style than some of my other paintings and the goofy expression seemed like a great subject.


Faith said...

What a beautiful painting and a lovely dedication to a woman who committed her life to our squared-headed goofballs.

Tina said...

I absolutely love this painting!