Monday, April 06, 2009

The winning painting

This painting needs a name!

This brown tabby was painted because I offered a commission to Purrfect Pal's auction.

This is Theodore, or Teddy or Teddy bear. In my opinion, he looks too dignified to be a Teddy Bear, but I am sure I have pictures of my cat, Graham, when he looks dignified, but I call him Graham Cracker. How dignified is that? Then there's Horace, who is a very dignified pointy eared black cat. I sing love songs him to the tune of "Comet, it makes your teeth turn green..." The ending lines are always Let's sing a chorus to Horace today...

But this little digression tells you nothing about the painting. I painted Theodore because his mama had the winning bid for a commissioned painting in the Purrfect Pals auction at the Black Cat Ball.

Now that I've talked about the painting, it may be "Winning Bid" or 'Kim's winning bid" or something. Still would like ideas!

The painting took longer than expected because brown tabbies have so many different colors in them. Then, I had a few minor health issues, nothing major, but enough that I wanted to relax on evenings and weekends rather than paint. Also, I've had deadlines from work, which also make it so I am less productive on the weekend.

I've got to put the hanger on and then he's ready to be delivered.

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