Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Life too short

Also known as Michi Departed
May, 2008

I don't know how Michi came into King County Animal Control, but I do know her life ended there, despite tries to get her adopted.

She was sent to PetSmart to be shown. She started getting really upset about being in a cage...grumbling, hissing, irritable... so that didn't work out.

So, she went to a private home to be fostered for a bit. She didn't get along with the foster's cats. Then she bit the foster mom. So, she came back to the Kent shelter. She was even more unhappy there, back in a cage.

Last straw came when she bit an officer, so she was put down. Some cats do not do well in shelters.

I've painted two portraits of her. This is a little dark so I did a little lighter one. 100% of the proceeds from this painting will go to the Feral Cat Project if it's sold at the Laura Frost Gallery show.

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